Precision for a changing and sustainable world

Tsubaki Nakashima is a manufacturing company that operates on three continents (Asia, Europe and America) and is strongly committed to serving its customers, creating a work environment in which its employees can feel motivated, respectful of available resources and environment, which does its part every day to contribute to a truly sustainable future; this way of being and acting is fundamental to the success of our 21 plants, in the countries and communities in which we operate.

We are a manufacturer of precision balls, rollers, ball screws and blowers, very high precision components for the metrology sector but also of medical devices with regional production and procurement, short lead times and accurate, through a network of production and well-organized sale that meets the needs of our customers.

Considering that 2023 is the final year of the Mid-Term Strategy 2021 - 2023, we can say that in these 3 years the company has been redesigned, and that the strengthening of the Asian market also in terms of footprint (I recall here the construction of a second, modern and sustainable factory in India and that of a new factory in Thailand), the new presence in the Medical Device Business sector in Europe with the acquisition of Rispa in Italy, and the remodeling of the Rollers Business, with the closure of 2 factories in the Netherlands and the quadrupling of that in Bosnia, have fully fulfilled our commitments, all with truly exemplary attention to the sustainability of processes, products and future profits.

The five pillars of our management style, which we call the Management Principles, remain the same
1. Sustainability, as the simultaneous achievement of economic prosperity, creation of a healthy, safe, and low environmental impact environment, where everyone is equal, with equal rights and duties, equal opportunities. In our vision, ZERO impact, in a holistic sense, is fundamental: Vision Zero for us means zero accidents, zero damage to people and environment, but also zero inequalities and zero lack of knowledge, equal opportunities for our employees.
2. The highest QCDS (Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Service), to be the best-in-class, customer, and market-oriented partner for our customers, by continuously improving products, processes, and services.
3. One Team Spirit, which is the basis of our corporate culture, of our corporate identity, which in 2023 was effectively strengthened with a new brand identity that allowed all of us and our stakeholders to identify ourselves and identify Tsubaki Nakashima as a strong company, with a strong image and clear ideas.
4. Transformation, that is, being increasingly a global company with an international mentality every day, precisely by continuously transforming our organization to always be one step ahead, capable of seizing opportunities to be better, stronger, and more aware
5. The orientation towards continuous Growth, in terms of commercial solidity and profit, to anticipate market needs, satisfy customer expectations, find new customers, new markets and new business opportunities

As Tsubaki Nakashima, we are aware of the responsibility we have towards the people who work for us and the world around us.

This is why in 2023 we worked hard for sustainable development that will allow us to improve the performance of our plants, in all respects; and we achieved all the CO2 reductions’ targets set up in 2021.
The Sustainability Committee has not only defined the strategies and guidelines for sustainable development but has also worked with all our plants on energy efficiency plans, better use of resources, respect for the environment, reduction of environmental impacts.

Our Sustainable Development Model, developed in 2021 and based on three fundamental pillars - Integrated Governance System; Sustainable Monozukuri; Communication and Brand identity - has begun to unfold all its enormous potential in its true meaning and if on the one hand it has consolidated the foundations of Corporate Governance, on the other it has allowed us to set the cornerstones on which industrial and on processes.

The new Carbon Footprint (set up in 2022 and based on Science Based Target Methodology), helped us to identify the opportunities in terms of innovative technologies and energy purchasing and at developing a specific “Green Electricity” and “Waste recycling” Strategy, successfully applied in 2023.

Obviously, our commitment will continue in the next years, but we are extremely confident that the 2030 target (CO2 reduction) will be achieved.

An essential element that measures the results achieved, in addition to the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that we will see in this Report, is the company's decision to disclose our impacts on the environment and natural resources and take action to reduce negative impacts through the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project).
Scoring at CDP is mission-driven, focusing on CDP's principles and values for a sustainable economy, and highlighting the business case to do this.
The scoring represents the steps a company moves through as it progresses towards environmental stewardship, and they are: 1) Disclosure; 2) Awareness; 3) Management; 4) Leadership.

In 2022, Tsubaki Nakashima received the "B" rating, which is denominated "Management".
In 2023, we decided to raise the bar, using the full CDP questionnaire and the disclosure of Water Footprint. Considering the raised bar, the result is still particularly good (B-), which is above the Asian regional average - which is C - and above the average of the manufacturing sector to which it belongs (also in this case, "C").

In 2023 we have also prepared the Japanese Security Report which will be disclosed within March 2024; this is extremely important to satisfy the Japanese government requirements as well as our Investors and Shareholders.
This tells us that we are on the right track and how much effort we will put into achieving excellence.
We believe that transparency, openness, and risk management, as well as the efforts we are making to transform our Company will allow us to be stronger, to protect and improve our company’s reputation, boost our competitive advantage, uncover risks and opportunities, and track and benchmark progress.

Tsubaki Nakashima reiterates its support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and our environmental sustainability goals are in line with global sustainability targets (Paris Agreement)

A clear strategy, a deep and convinced commitment to achieving it, the results of our actions and the increased trust of our stakeholders, combined with our daily commitment, the work of our women and our men will not only allow us to overcome the adversities of these years, but will create the conditions for responsible, sustainable, and profitable development.

Sustainability Policy

Tsubaki Nakashima will continue to improve its own integrated corporate governance system, organization, processes, products, and services aiming to continue to grow as an environmentally responsible and ethically aware business.
The company therefore reaffirm its commitment to transparency and good governance, particularly in matters of sustainable and profitable growth, attention to our stakeholders, and the company's vision zero’s approach (zero accidents, zero occupational illnesses, zero wastes, zero inequalities, zero lack of knowledge).
Tsubaki Nakashima vision is to maintain and improve its position as a leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-precision components through sustainable, controlled, and participatory processes, with a high focus to the customers and all stakeholders needs and to globally prevent all negative implications.
The identification of the expectations of the stakeholders, the analysis of the requirements and needs, the definition of attainable challenging and measurable objectives, the definition of clear timeframes and resources must guide the company towards continuous and sustainable improvement (people, planet and prosperity), integrating the systems in use and aligning the integrated corporate governance system with internationally recognized standards to help ensure that Tsubaki Nakashima serves the role that society expects.
In particular, the company is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions, respecting the environment, and responsibly using the available natural resources, in full compliance with the statutory, regulatory, organizational and customer requirements, assessing risks to the products, services, environment and to its employees, setting targets and measuring the performance, and encouraging the active participation of employees and their representatives.

*FY2023. (89MB)