Sustainability Principles

As a manufacturing company, the Tsubaki Nakashima Group considers “safety, quality, and environment” to be our top priority. In step with society and local communities, we will promote our business while keeping in harmony with nature

Sustainability Policy

TSUBAKI NAKASHIMA CO., LTD. shall continue to improve its own organization, processes, products and services, aiming at reaching zero defects, zero accidents and zero environmental impact and the improvement of the energy performance by means of:

  • The involvement, participation and co-responsibility of the employees and workers representatives where they exist, collaborators and suppliers and other relevant parties with the intention of making them aware of their individual duties, also through specific communication initiatives, while promoting a healthy and safe behavior, and being aware of the rational use of energy;
  • Embracing the philosophy of the “5Z’s”: Zero Accidents, Zero Occupational Illnesses, Zero Wastes, Zero Inequality and Zero Lack of Knowledge;
  • The implementation of all that is necessary in order to guarantee the safeguarding of the environmental and health and safety in the workplaces;
  • The development of the production processes, oriented to continuous improvement of the safety, environmental and energy standards, in order to reduce and eliminate the negative impacts in an economically feasible manner, by making provision for the acquisition of products and services with a view to improve the energy and environmental performances;
  • The commitment to preventing defects, accidents and environmental impacts rather than identifying them;
  • A constant respect of the company, customers and governmental health and safety, environmental and energy requirements;

All the above in order to satisfy the requests and expectations of our Employees, Customers and Shareholders in the best possible way, increasing the reputation of the company and strengthen our leadership position.