Q.When was the Company founded?
A.The Company was founded as Toyo Steel Ball Seisakusho in Kanahashimura, Takaichi-gun, Nara (currently Kashihara, Nara) in January 1934, and started manufacturing and selling steel balls.
Q.Which securities exchange is the Company listed on?
A.On the prime market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Q.What is the Company’s stock code?
Q.When does the Company announce its earnings results?
A.The fiscal year-end of the Company is December 31, and the interim closing date is June 30. Earnings announcement are made in February and August, respectively. The Company also discloses quarterly financial results.
Q.Where can I see historical financial results?
A.Please see “Flash Reports” or “Financial Information” published on the Company’s website. Annual Reports are disclosed under “IR Library.
Q.When are the record dates for dividend payments?
A.Record date for the year-end dividend is December 31. In case of an interim dividend, its record date is June 30.
Q.What is the Company’s share trading unit?
A.100 shares ※ 1 unit refers to the minimum number of shares to be traded.
Q.Who should I contact regarding change of address or other matters?
A.Please contact the securities company where you have an account.
Q.When is the general meetings of shareholders scheduled to be held?
A.Ordinary general meetings of shareholders are held in late March each year. Notice concerning date, time, place, and other information will be sent in early March to shareholders who are registered as of December 31.
Q.How can I exercise voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders?
A.Notice of General Meeting of Shareholders and Voting Rights Exercise Form will be sent to shareholders registered as of the end of the record date for the general meeting of shareholders (as of December 31 in case of Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders). You may exercise your voting rights by one of the following three methods.
(1) By attending the general meeting of shareholders with your Voting Rights Exercise Form.
(2) By submitting Voting Rights Exercise Form with your indication of approvals or disapprovals by mail.
(3) Exercise the voting rights via the Internet.