Tapered Rollers

As the world’s largest independent producer of tapered rollers, We manufactures rollers in a range of sizes, materials and profiles according to customer specification. Tapered rollers, typically found in automotive, wind, rail and industrial applications, carry both radial and axial loads and can carry higher loads than ball bearings due to the line contact between the roller and raceway.

Main Markets

  • Automotive
  • Wind
  • Rail
  • Industrial
Roller Raceway Class III Class II Class I Class I Benefits
Diameter variation in microns (tube packed roller range) +/-4 +/-4 +/-2 No Damage, Cleaner, Low Cost, Efficient Assembly, Consistent Batches
Diameter variation in microns (sequenced sample of 20) 1.5 1.5 1.0
Roughness Ra 0.1 0.07 0.04 Low Wear, Friction, Cost
Roller End Face Class III Class II Class I Class I Benefits
Radius on -% 16 10 6 Lower Noise
Roughness Ra 0.25 0.16 0.06 Low Noise, Heat, Friction


  • Over 2 billion pieces per year
  • Quality: Class I, Class II, Class III
  • Diameters from 3mm - 35mm
  • Angles up to 25°
  • Materials: Thru-hardened AISI E52100
  • Other materials upon request


  • Less friction, lower noise
  • Increased bearing loads
  • Higher speed capabilities
  • Combined radial and thrust loads
  • Decreased lubricant consumption
  • Lower heat generation
  • Reduced energy consumption