Cylindrical rollers

We manufactures cylindrical rollers on a global scale and offers a variety of materials, diameters and profiles according to specification. Typically found in automotive, wind, rail and industrial applications, cylindrical rollers facilitate a rigid rotation around a defined centerline. As a result of the line contact between the roller and raceway, bearings with this type of rolling element can carry higher loads in smaller packages. Now In combination with the Welded cylindrical cage – new development.

Main Markets

  • Automotive
  • Wind
  • Rail
  • Industrial


  • Diameters from 3 to 120mm
  • Lengths up to 120mm
  • Materials:
    Thru-hardened AISI E52100
    AISI S-2 tool steel
    AISI 440-C stainless steel


  • Less friction, lower noise
  • Increased carrying capacity for high loads
  • Tolerance to misalignment
  • Decreased lubricant consumption
  • Lower heat generation
  • Lower bearing weight
  • Reduced energy consumption