Alumina Oxide (99.5% Al2O3)

Alumina oxide balls have proven capabilities with superior wear performance in corrosive environments and high temperature conditions.

The material resists oxidation and is tolerant to high moisture environments, salt solutions, and many chemicals.

Typical applications include pumps, valves and flow meters.

Dimensional Accuracy

We manufacture to an extremely high precision to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.
We support the global demand of our customers with a wide diametrical size range of 3mm to 152mm.

We can offer cut, drill and flatten based on your drawings. Please CONTACT us.

Grade Diameter
Allowable ball
grade deviations
Variation of ball lot
Max. μm
Deviation from
spherical form
Max. μm
Surface roughness
Max. μmRa
C10 3.0 – 25.4 +1.27/-1.02 0.508 0.508 0.0762
C15/C16 3.0 – 25.4 +1.27/-1.02 0.762 0.762 0.0762
C24/C25 3.0 – 25.4 +2.54/-2.54 1.27 0.635 0.0762
48/50 3.0 – 50.8 +5.08/-5.08 2.54 1.27 0.0762
100 3.0 – 101.6 +12.7/-12.7 5.08 2.54 0.102
200 3.0 – 152.4 +25.4/-25.4 10.16 5.08 0.203

We accept orders for non-standard dimensions and specifications upon request.

Diverse Industry Uses

Alumina oxide balls are used in a wide range of fields such as agriculture, dairy, water treatment and automotive industries.

Alumina oxide balls have high chemical and corrosion resistance and are ideally used as check balls in metering pumps.

Alumina oxide balls resist oxidation and are tolerant to water and salt solutions.