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Wind power plays a significant role in manufacturing and is used to create actions including burning, cooling, carrying and ventilating. We started developing wind generation technology a hundred years ago and are part of the history of Japanese modern industrial development. Blower manufacturing requires expert canning processing technology and superior welding technique.
This expertise is the foundation of our highly reliable, highly efficient blowers, which have won us world-wide recognition as a top manufacturer in this field.
A high level of safety is required for blowers used in nuclear power plants. We have gained the approval of many clients in the form of quality assurance agreements as our products are manufactured under strict quality control systems. We have developed our own elaborate non-destructive examinations and remote-control automatic performance test devices in compliance with international standards.
In addition, we manufacture and supply high-performance blowers adapted to purposes, using a wide range of steel materials such as mild steel, high-tensile steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper alloy to meet increasing demand.

Single/double inlet turbofans

These products are backward vaned fans used in various fields from small size fans for general air conditioning use to large size fans for iron and steel and thermal power plants. Ceramics or hardened plates can be attached to its impeller surfaces to prepare the product for use in an abrasion environment.

Single/double inlet high efficiency turbofans

The company has developed an original high efficiency type turbo fan with the efficiency rate matching that of the airfoil fan. It is perfect for cutting down the initial and the running costs.

Single/double inlet airfoil fans

The vanes of the turbo type fans have been changed in the shape of the airplane wings. This fan proves to have the highest efficiency with the minimal noise among all of the centrifugal blowers.

Single/double inlet radial fans

This product has been applied in many small size blowers with the vanes under 1400mm in diameter. The fan features low air capacity and high pressure.

Single/double inlet plate shaped fans

The product’s performance degrades when compared to the turbo types, but it is suitable for use in a more severe abrasion environment.

Single/double inlet sirocco fans

This product is fit for air conditioning purposes with its large air capacity and low noise level. Many of them have been deployed in subway premises.

Single/double inlet 3D fans

This product is exclusive for use in converter gas recovery facilities, generating high pressure and high efficiency with single staged, low-noise impellers.

Axial fans

Many of these air conditioning fans have been applied in nuclear power plants. The large types are used as forced draft fans for wind-tunnel test facilities and for thermal power plants.

Multi-stage blowers

This multi-stage impeller is a centrifugal fan covering a wide range of usage including that of the blower.