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Steel ball bearings are used to reduce friction in rotating parts of automobiles, motor cycles, computers and machine tools. As such, they are required to have semi-permanent durability.
Furthermore, the operating noise must be reduced with bearings used for refrigerators and vacuum cleaners at home, and the highest precision is demanded for VTR and HDD bearings.
We have pride in the high precision of our steel balls, which will continue to satisfy each of our client’s needs.

Steel balls for ball-bearings

Steel balls for ball-bearings are our company’s main product. We have an abundant stock of items with high precision and excellent quality. The steel balls are used for ball bearings and work as the rotating parts of automobiles, home electric appliances, two-wheeled vehicles and general machinery.

Carbon steel balls

Carbon steel balls are used in light-load bearings, press bearings, moderate-load level products such as casters and low-load level rotating machines, hinges and rod-ends that generally do not require high precision.

Lightly carburizing steel balls

By lightly carburizing the steel balls, additional work such as drilling and welding are made easy for customers. These products are mainly used in automobile parts such as stabilizer links and steering rod ends.

Stainless steel balls (martensite)

This product has been hardened through heat treatment and shows excellent mechanical qualities that are perfect for use in ball bearings and valves.

Stainless steel balls (Austenite)

This material is not hardened by heat treatment. But it has improved resistance against corrosion, is nonmagnetic and shows outstanding durability and excellent mechanical features in high and low heat. These qualities are fully demonstrated when they are used in variety of products such as valve elements.

Non-iron balls / Non-metal balls

Copper, aluminum and other non-iron metal balls are widely used in various industries including the food industry. They are also conveniently used as high-precision bearing balls capable of conducting electricity.

Ultra-hard metal balls

The rapid development in the powder metallurgy technologies over recent years have given birth to various sintered materials. Our company produces items for ball point pens, measuring terminals for the measuring instruments, ball valves, power meter pivots and ball bearings, etc.

Plastic balls (Resin balls)

Our plastic balls are lighter, more durable and higher in resistance to corrosion compared to the metal balls, eliminating the need for lubricating or rust-preventing oils. They can be used in variety of products making use of the characteristics of plastic, such as light-load bearings, valves, medical devices, cosmetics, insulation items and noiseless bearing.

Ceramic balls

Fine ceramics is a material with excellent insulation quality and lightness. Moreover, it has outstanding hardness and is highly resistant to abrasion, heat and corrosion.

Glass ball lens

We have joined with Natsume Optical Corporation to establish an integrated manufacturing system starting with the original material. By applying our production technologies of the steel bearing balls into this system, we are able to offer you high-quality products at a low price.

Steel balls for mills

These products come in accurate dimension, fine hardness, excellent abrasion resistance and include minimal contamination. Their grinding quality is highly acknowledged. The product’s outstanding abrasion resistance is the gift of our heat-treatment technology accumulated through the company’s long experience of processing steel balls for bearings.

Cut balls (processed balls)

Cutting a part out from the precision ball works to combine its characteristics with the advantage of the leveled surface which keeps the ball from turning. This widens the capability of use of the precision balls in various fields.