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Aiming for the Further Profitable Growth with the Power of One Team Management

The integration with PBC of NN Inc. which was acquired on August 17, 2017, has progressed based on the concept of “One Management + One Operation = One Team”, and the new Tsubaki Nakashima has a management foundation for further profitable growth. As a result, Tsubaki Nakashima is aiming for Sales of at least 100 billion yen and Operating Profit of at least 18 billion yen to realize the synergistic effect. The world is steadily changing towards a new society of more environmental consciousness, safety, efficiency, and high quality comfort.

Social change continues in the medium to long term even though some ups and downs will occur in the short term. Tsubaki Nakashima goes ahead of the times and will contribute in a positive manner to realize Further Profitable Growth.

We aim to be a global company that can contribute not only to our stakeholders, but also to the entire global society with appreciation, as we aim to achieve further profitable growth. We do appreciate your ongoing understanding and support.

April 2019
Director and Representative Executive Officer, Chairman, CEO
Tsutomu Takamiya