Management Principles

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Management Principles

We will become a stellar corporation that realizes sustainable profitable growth and continues to create improvements in corporate value

  1. We will improve our manufacturing technologies on a continuous basis to make the best products in the world and contribute to preserving the global environment.
  2. With our creativity and an unwavering spirit to take on challenges, we will provide our customers with the highest QCDS (quality, cost, delivery, and service), drawing ideas from our customers and the market.
  3. We will create a teamwork-oriented corporate culture, maximizing the strengths of our employees while valuing their satisfaction at work and in their lives.
  4. We aim to become a truly global company with an international mindset.
  5. We aim to be a company that continues to achieve profitable growth.

Company credo

“One ball, one heart”

To put our whole heart and soul into creating a single steel ball.

“One spirit (precision), one heart (sincerity)”

Sincerity is having a true heart, and the same Chinese character stands for both precision and spirit.
To put our whole heart and soul into our work and produce excellent, precisely-made products.